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Bösendorfer EDGE – Design by Edelweiss

Design Your Dream Piano

The aim of the »Bösendorfer Piano Design Award«, first given in 2006, is to raise awareness of design’s increasingly important role in 21st century life by recognising extraordinary product design. Additionally, the option of creating your own Bösendorfer grand piano at no compromise to its wonderful qualities of sound is highlighted.

The Winning Model: »Bösendorfer EDGE«
It’s the philosophy of »Edelweiss Industrial Design« to transform consumer products into lasting positive experiences. This contributed in no small part to the jury’s decision:
“The jury felt that the winning proposal delivered a majestic elegance in a design which was both a timeless yet innovative interpretation of the classical piano. The jury agreed that the qualities of the restrained approach, and careful treatment and emphasis of proportions, culminated in a superbly integrated design.”
(Taken from the jury report).

Bösendorfer EDGE – Design by Edelweiss

Bösendorfer EDGE – Design by Edelweiss

Award-winning design with a touching sound

What makes “Bösendorfer EDGE” so special?

To find out what makes the “EDGE Design by Edelweiss” so special, we simply constructed one, no great leap for a true piano manufacturer.

A range of special features:
• The music desk extends far out to the pianist.
• To ensure sound permeability the music desk is covered in fabric.
• The spacing below the lid aids the projection of the “touching sound” even when the lid is closed. In addition, the spacing serves as a wide grip.
• The elegant lyre is both durable and elegant.
• The piano legs are perhaps the most remarkable; they echo the piano’s origins as a table instrument.
• The matching seat features advanced pneumatic spring action.

Elegance and modernity – a modest précis for a grand piano!