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Bösendorfer concentrates on core business and discontinues audio project

For 180 years, the Bösendorfer piano company has built its legendary grand pianos and uprights, which continue to enthuse musicians and music lovers with their wealth of tone colors.

So that we may concentrate on this core business, the company has decided to discontinue the Bösendorfer loudspeaker project as of year-end 2008. In the past eight years, the Bösendorfer loudspeakers, with their “True to Life” sound, have attracted considerable attention and recognition in the music world.

The licensing rights have been returned to Hans Deutsch Akustikforschung, which is working on a new concept for the loudspeaker project. We thank everyone who has accompanied Bösendorfer Audio, most especially our dedicated distributors and sales partners, and we wish all of them continued business success.