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An exciting combination

Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba plays world jazz with Richard Galliano on the accordion.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba at the Bösendorfer grand piano

Gonzalo Rubalcaba at the Bösendorfer grand piano

Not a single cable, no mic, no amp. The stage of the Bayerischer Hof
Night Club has seldom appeared so naked. Only a lone Bösendorfer
grand, waiting to be played.

The instrument at long last found its opportunity in a man who
understands the nuances of touch like nobody else in the jazz world.
This superpianist with an incomparable technique is named Gonzalo
Rubalcaba, and he performed together with the French accordion player
Richard Galliano, a titan on the buttons and bellows.

The unplugged concert began with minor pitfalls: Rubalcaba, truly
versatile in every respect, lured his partner out of a piece's
harmonic texture several times during the first third of the program
and disconcerted the virtuoso, disoriented for a second, with obscure

Whoever gets involved with the Cuban pianist has to stay alert, since
he pulls time apart, plays with overlapping colors, and permits
himself unexpected emphases, pointed accents.

Extracted from the Oct. 21, 2008 "Münchner Abendzeitung"

The Bösendorfer Model 225 concert grand was made available by the
Pianohaus Carl Hirsch in Munich.