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Bösendorfer - Perfect Pianos Crafted by Hand

The legendary Bösendorfer Grand, beloved by musicians and music aficionados throughout the world, has been built in Austria for 180 years. Please, read an extract from the "Vienna Deluxe Magazine".

Bösendorfer Vienna Model

Bösendorfer Vienna Model

A tour through the production workshop near Vienna provides insight as to exactly what makes these instruments so unique.


Only wood of the highest quality is stored and patiently awaits its destiny at the piano factory. The wood is seasoned outdoors for up to five years before it is pre-cut and then it is stored for another six to twelve months in the drying room.

The founder of this renowned piano company, Ignaz Bösendorfer, considered the piano to be a string instrument. Each part of the instrument should - as is the case with the violin - be made to vibrate in order to produce the full effect of the sound.

Extracted from the "Vienna Deluxe Magazine", Winter 2008

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