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Piano and orchestra to get „talking“

Aukland musician Georgina Zellan-Smith will perform on Bosendorfer together with the Gisborne Youth orchestra at Lawson Field Theatre on Wednesday, April 8th., 7.30 pm.

Georgina Zellan-Smith

Georgina Zellan-Smith

Ahead of her return to Gisborne where she played many years ago Kristine Walsh of Gisborne Herald had the chance to talk with the artist.
There is a Bosendorfer grand installed in Gisborne`s Lawson Field Theatre.
“It is wonderful to have this opportunity to play it.” Mrs. Zellan-Smith said.

The reason why she will perform at the Theatre is that she will be accompanying husband Richard Bruce to this weekend´s Gisborne High School Centenary.

Furthermore “I once again get to perform with the Gisborne Youth Orchestra”, she mentioned. For Gordon Gregory, the orchestra conductor, it is “ a unique concert experience”, the pianist will play in tandem with young orchestra members.

The orchestra will accompany Zellan-Smith for Mozart´s Piano Concerto in A Major K414. Then she will continue with solo delivery of pieces from Beethoven´s minuets and sonatas, finally a selection of opus works from Grieg and Chopin.

After a long period of rehearsing in different cities she is delighted to play her own work, but more important for her is giving the experience to about 30 orchestra members.

“You want to encourage young players and this is a wonderful way to do it. Rehearsals have already showed that they will do very well indeed,” Zellan-Smith said.

Picture by Rebecca Grunwell