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Magical sound at the Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur in Montreal

Brahms, Debussy, De Severac and Gershwin - PIANOS ANDRÉ BALDUC recently invited for a Bosendorfer piano evening.

The Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur is famous for its exceptional acoustics. At this very right place in Canada, the great French pianist Michel Bourdoncle met Bösendorfer 280 and together they fired hundreds of music lovers with enthusiasm.

Michel Bourdoncle, born in Marseille and lives in Paris now, enjoys a threefold career as a concert performer, a Conservatoire professor and artisric director of the Nuits Pianistiques d' Aix-en-Provence Festival. That guest evening in Montreal he again had the chance to play on a Bösendorfer grand which was an "immense pleasure" for him. "The sound is magical and the touch very pleasant. This 280 is really exceptional." (Michel Bourdoncle)

World-class pianist Michel Bourdoncle