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Tori Amos presents her new album on Bosendorfer

„Abnormally Attracted To Sin“ is the title of her current CD. On May 6th the pianist and singer-songwriter of dual British and American citizenship played her new songs on Bosendorfer, without backup band, on stage of the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna.

Platform of the performance for Tori Amos were the “FM4 Radio Sessions”, an Austrian national radio station, operated by the ORF, the Austrian National Public Service Broadcaster.
The atmosphere on stage is impressive, a big black curtain on the backside is Tori´s door to the RadioKulturhaus stage. The concert hall is sold out, the audience waits with bated breath for the artist. And then Tori enters the stage, with her red long hair and black dressed, bends down her head and immediately takes place on the Bösendorfer concert grand. Impressive scenes are presented to the audience. The artist and the grand piano are aflamed in red light. Tori begins her performance with playing instrumentally. The sound of the Bösendorfer grand piano is imposing, gets you under your skin. After some moments she begins to sing. What a voice! Great! The messages in her own compositions captivate the audience.

Whether “Lady in Blue”, “Mary Jane” or Tori´s version of “Over The Rainbow”, you can feel great emotions, nobody in the audience can evade the magic of her music.
At the end of the concert a grateful public says goodbye to Tori Amos with standing ovations.

Some hours before the concert started the Bosendorfer artist management visited the artist in a downtown hotel in Vienna. She was very interested in whether Bosendorfer will remain the same or not after the change of the ownership. Tori Amos was reassured that the new owner will preserve the Bösendorfer heritage. The production will be continued in Austria. The selection of first-class materials and the extremely careful workmanship that distinguish each individual Bösendorfer, is hold core philosophy of the company.
Listening to our artist management Tori Amos was happy to hear that the Bösendorfer sound, that has been inspiring her compositions for decades, will remain her beloved Bösendorfer sound.

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