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Bösendorfer and the Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic Society

Bösendorfer model 185 played on one of the most important stages worldwide.

Valeria Rozanova: Director Development Management

Valeria Rozanova: Director Development Management

At the end of 2007 the philharmonic society got one more concert platform—the Chamber Hall of the Moscow State Philharmonic Society. The hall was built for concert programs which present more than the classical music mainstream.

Musical “rarities”, that means works which are of interest for well educated music lovers, are the main items on the agenda.

Author's evenings of composers, experimental projects will take place for the audience that is interested in the development of the newest directions in musical art. That means that concerts of modern music will be presented.
The new names of artists, the new and also the “old” music, are the basis of the repertoire of the Chamber Hall.

Up to now, the following pianists played on Bösendorfer:

Sergeij Arzibaschev
Viacheslav Griaznov
Katharina Richter
Vitaliy Junizkij
Kseniga Baschmet
Michail Dubov