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Bösendorfer National Piano Concerto Competition

May 11, 12 and 13, 2007; Edward Johnson Building, University of Toronto. A project of the Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee.

Historical Background

This Competition has been a project of the Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee for twenty years, and is rooted firmly in the belief that exposure to music and the arts is a significant positive factor in a child’s intellectual and social development.
The competition was created to provide the opportunity to encourage and foster the talent of young pianists. In 1994, it was expanded from a local to a national project where the winner would perform with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in the Light Classics Series. In 2001, in response to feedback from participants, musical educators and our advisors, we increased the requirements to attract only young pianists capable of the highest level of performance.
Formerly a two-day event, the 2007 Competition will be held over three days because of the increasing number of candidates. First prize is the performance of a concerto with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, in the Light Classics Series plus the Roy Thomson Hall cash prize of $4,000. The Competition is a biennial event.

First Prize
· Roy Thomson Hall $4000 cash prize
· Performance with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in the Fall of 2007 as part of the Light Classics series
· use of a Bösendorfer practice instrument for a 1 year period
· recital in the Bösendorfer Hall in Vienna
· use of a Bösendorfer for public performance
internationally where practical

Deadline for application: February 16, 2007

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