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25 of July 1828

The birth of Bösendorfer company

Bösendorfer registered his business

The Bösendorfer piano company was established on July 25, 1828, when Ignaz Bösendorfer registered his business as a piano maker in Vienna. The imperial city was (already) considered a center for musical culture and a traditional city for piano music. Just under 150 self-employed piano builders made their living by musically catering to broad civil circles.

Bösendorfer 180 Year Anniversary Limited Edition

Bösendorfer 180 Year Anniversary Limited Edition

Ignaz Bösendorfer: 27.07.1794  - 14.04.1859

Ignaz Bösendorfer: 27.07.1794 - 14.04.1859

The company founder

Ignaz Bösendorfer was born in Vienna in 1794. The son of a carpentry master, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and due to his great musicality and technical competence he began his piano making apprenticeship at the age of 19. With a starting capital of 500 gulden in 1828.

Bösendorfer set about (constantly) improving its handmade pianos. The primary aspiration was to retain the character of the Viennese instrument, which is oriented toward a mellow string sound, while increasing its volume of sound. This necessitated a more stable construction and stronger stringing. Bösendorfer instruments’ full, singing, sustaining sound—even in the powerful bass register—would become the company’s hallmark in the ensuing 180 years.