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Bösendorfer Hall in the Mozarthaus Vienna

Since the beginning of October 2010, Bösendorfer Hall has existed once again. With it, the history of this famous Viennese concert hall can continue to be written. The Mozarthaus Vienna is on our side as a collaboration partner, with its similarly rich history. The new hall is called “BÖSENDORFER-SAAL im MOZARTHAUS VIENNA” and is located in the heart of Vienna, directly behind St. Stephan’s Cathedral.

Already in the summer of 2009, we were looking for a suitable solution for continuing Bösendorfer’s concert life. Organizing and accompanying concerts may not be the primary activity of a piano company, yet they are an important component of Bösendorfer’s total activities, as they create the opportunity for music lovers to come into contact with these wonderful instruments and to get an audience under our roof. As in earlier times, we were also especially guided by the idea of creating a podium for young artists.

The new Bösendorfer Hall in the Mozarthaus Vienna, located at Domgasse 5

The new Bösendorfer Hall in the Mozarthaus Vienna, located at Domgasse 5

In the heart of Vienna, under the eyes of St. Stephan’s Cathedral

The result of these efforts is the collaboration made with Wien Holding and the Mozarthaus Vienna. The Mozarthaus Vienna, which enjoys a central location directly behind St. Stephan’s Cathedral and which was completely renovated for the Mozart year 2006, will henceforth be home to Bösendorfer Hall in the Mozarthaus Vienna. On October 16, Bösendorfer Managing Director Yoshichika Sakai and the director of the Mozarthaus Vienna, Dr. Gerhard Vitek, signed the collaborative agreement for the new Bösendorfer Hall in the Mozarthaus Vienna in the presence of numerous guests of honor.

F. Gulda – Play Piano Play Nr 1

“This collaboration will give new impetus to the City of Music, Vienna, and enhances the status of the Mozarthaus Vienna as a cultural meeting place,” Wien Holding director Peter Hanke rejoiced over the new collaboration. Managing Director Sakai described the site at which Mozart’s life and creative output experienced an artistic peak as an ideal setting  for a concert hall.

Paul Gulda inaugurated the new Bösendorfer Hall musically with Mozart

The famous classical pianist Paul Gulda was invited by the piano manufacturer to play the opening concert in the new Bösendorfer Hall—naturally with plenty of Mozart and an equal measure of melodiousness on the Bösendorfer grand.

W. A. Mozart – Fantasie c-moll – KV 475

Paul Gulda has played piano since the age of seven. “My first teachers were two jazz musicians: Fritz Pauer and Roland Batik. My father, Friedrich Gulda, definitely conveyed devotion to music to me, and Leonid Brumberg taught me the fundamentals of the Russian school. Finally, Rudolf Serkin gave me genuine goodness and support. I view summing it all together, going beyond it wherever possible, and passing it on, as my task,” Gulda said.

Like his father Friedrich Gulda, Paul Gulda also loves the Viennese piano sound from Bösendorfer.

Like his father Friedrich Gulda, Paul Gulda also loves the Viennese piano sound from Bösendorfer.

The artist demonstrated his devotion to music with considerable feeling and consummate virtuosity in the opening concert on this evening—naturally with plenty of Mozart, the true “landlord” of Domgasse 5. 

The Bösendorfer piano company did not exist during Mozart’s time, yet the musical metropolis Vienna was already on its way to becoming one of the leading centers of piano building and piano music—a tradition that has been upheld and cultivated by Bösendorfer for 182 years.