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Sanno Hospital Tokyo hosts Bösendorfer Imperial

Located in Akasaka, Minato-ku in Tokyo,  Sanno Hospital is one of the premier hospitals in Japan's capital city, providing warmhearted care and treatment for its patients.

Since its establishment in 1937 the hospital has always invited excellent doctors from major medical universities/schools of medicine in Japan. Together with experienced cooperative staff members in co-medical fields,
and supported by most advanced medical equipment, they ensure high-level medical services.

Sanno hospital has specialised departments for treating its patient: surgery, othopedics, internal mexdicine, obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics.

Compassionate, sincere care

In all situations, the patients enjoy the highest priority at Sanno Hospital. All of the staff members are committed to compassionate, sincere care whilst respecting patients' privacy.

This special, care-taking atmosphere one can already feel when entering the lobby of the hospital: here, at centre of an inviting, relaxing architecture and atmosphere a Bösendorfer Imperial musically welcomes visitors, doctors and patients with its warm, touching sound and Viennese charm. The outstanding grand piano, Bösendorfer's flagship instrument, was donated by a private customer. 

Model 290 Imperial - Bösendorfer's flagship

In 1892, upon the suggestion of Italian composer Ferrucio Busoni, Bösendorfer built the prototype for a mighty concert grand piano, whose bass was to simulate Bach’s gigantic, tall organ pipes in the Passacaglia. With a length of 290 cm and a powerful tonal compass from 4183 Hz all the way down to the sub-contra C’s 16 Hz, the new model by the Imperial and Royal Viennese piano manufacturer encompassed fully eight octaves. Its 97 keys are the trademark of the Bösendorfer Imperial, which went into production in 1900.

Satisfaction of both medication and amenities

Being part of the hospital's philosopy to maintain both medication and amenities, the Bösendorfer Imperial is used for regular concerts, performed by local and international artists (all of them volunteers) and doctors as well. Thus the welcoming, comfortable atmosphere that Sanno Hospital and its staff are striving for, starts already at the lobby.

(rulö) (Photocredits: Sanno Hospital, Bösendorfer)