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The Bösendorfer Magazine No. 5

On twenty new pages, you’ll find a selection from the rich world of Bösendorfer. Visit well-known artists and Bösendorfer friends with us, including Carlo Grante and Axel Zwingenberger.

Read about the new, third Bösendorfer Hall and about our new Selection Centre in Wiener Neustadt. Visit Oscar Peterson's Bösendorfer in Ottawa or the new Bösendorfer Imperial in Yamaha Ginza Hall in Tokyo. Enter the fashionable Bösendorfer Showroom in Beijing or see Maestro Horia Mihail playing the new Bösendorfer Imperial for Romanian National Radio.

Have a look at the Bösendorfer Disklavier E3 and the new Bösendorfer Photo Database. And join Franz Liszt, the "first European," travelling all across the continent...

Read all about it in the fifth issue of Bösendorfer Magazine, hot off the press: