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Tales of the Vienna Woods

Gez Kahan from "Pianist"(UK) visited Vienna and Bösendorfer.

He did not hear a single zither, nor did he spot Harry Lime's Ferris wheel. And the Danube was not blue either when Gez Kahan from "Pianist" recently visited Vienna. But he found exceedingly good cakes, horse-drawn fiacres, Baroque houses, imperial palaces: "Classical Vienna, that's what's on sale" - personified most of all in Mozart, and resonating in the instruments of the Bösendorfer piano factory.

Join Gez's visit to Vienna and to Bösendorfer. Read his "Tales of the Vienna Woods" (printed in "Pianist" No. 58):

TALES_OF_THE_VIENNA_WOODS___Pianist_No_58.pdf (442 KB)

Copyright: Pianist/Gez Kahan