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To Hope! Charity concert for Japan

With a charity concert in the cathedral church               St. Stephan (Vienna) on April 3, the church and the Arnold Schoenberg Choir stated their solidarity with the people in Japan.

The earthquake and the following Tsunami on March 11 have left a track of destruction. To the effects of the natural disaster comes the menacing atomic danger. With the charity concert "To Hope!" in the cathedral church Saint Stephan the initiators (Dompfarre, Arnold Schoenberg Choir and Kunst &Kultur-ohne Grenzen) showed solidarity with the people in Japan.

It was 2.46 p.m., the same hour when the first earth tremor shook the battered country, when the Arnold Schoenberg Choir started singing Johannes Brahms' "Ein deutsches Requiem". Moments of sorrow, thoughtfulness and questioning filled the church room: WHY ? 

In an interview with Radio Stephansdom, cathedral priest Toni Faber explained why they decided on Brahms' Requiem: " A Requiem is used often only to mourn for the dead people. However, the German Requiem of Johannes Brahms is also a prop which gives the surviving consolation, help and stimulus."

The whole donation of the charity concert (each visitor paid a solidarity entrance fee) will support selected projects in Japan.

Bösendorfer provided a 290 Imperial for the concert.

(Fotocredits: Kunst&Kultur-ohne Grenzen)