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"Grante kicks up the music's dancing heels to the sky"

Recently, Italian pianist and Bösendorfer Artist Carlo Grante has released the second volume of his own complete collection of Scarlatti's sonatas. In June issue of Gramophone, reviewer Jed Distler receives the recordings with cheers.

"Recording all the sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti on the piano is an undertaking of great moment and fascination: a journey through shared cultural experience, as well as one that explores the subtle thought processes of a musical genius..." - Carlo Grante

Gramophone, "The world's authority on classical music", has put Carlo Grante's second volume of Scarlatti among the best releases of the month, as they did with Volume 1.
"My review of Volume 1", Jed Distler writes, "praised Grante's thoughtful virtuosity and stylistic insights, together with his wide range of agogic stresses, articulations and embellishments, not to mention an acute sense of textural diversity and registral differentiation that have as much to do with Grante as with the vintage Boesendorfer grand used. These words apply even more to Volume 2, where Grante's highly detailed fingerwork goes right to the heart of each sonata's character..."
"... Grante knows how to place notes to most effectively underline harmonic twists and quirky melodic turns without undue exaggeration..."
"... Grante kicks up the music's dancing heels to the sky..."

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