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Red Bull Flying Bach conquers Europe

High culture meets urban art — Breakdancing world champions Flying Steps and opera director Christoph Hagel join forces to visualize Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier. European Tour with stops in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey. BULL BACH, BÖSENDORFER: The Austrian traditional grand piano is constant tour companion.

Opposites attract!

Head spins driven by the keys of a piano, power moves following the rhythm of Bach’s fugues: Red Bull Flying Bach turns the worlds of classical music and breakdancing upside down! In 2011, the ultimate clash of culture is ready to take over European stages. The ensemble around Berlin’s four times breakdancing world champions Flying Steps will kick off the Red Bull Flying Bach European Tour in the country where it all began: on August 19, the show will guest in Germany’s former capital Bonn. Two weeks later, the Bach meets Breakdance performance will visit Copenhagen (DEN), the first international stop of the European Tour. Following shows will take place in several German cities, Zurich (SUI), Vienna (AUT), Istanbul and Ankara (TUR). Opposites attract! With Red Bull Flying Bach, the breakdance legends Flying Steps and opera director Christoph Hagel have proven, that breakdancing and Johann Sebastian Bach fit perfectly. Their creative performance visualizes and revives Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier crossing the borders of serious music and youth culture. Note by note. Step by step. With piano, harpsichord and electronic beats. With head spins, power moves and freezes. With visuals and a storyline, 70 minutes long. After the highly acclaimed and sold-out 2010 world premiere at Berlin’s ‘Neue Nationalgalerie’, and the famous ‘ECHO Klassik Sonderpreis’ award 2010, this unique performance now finally captures the stages around Europe.

© Ray Demski/Red Bull Content Pool

© Ray Demski/Red Bull Content Pool

Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin in April 2010

Stage for political debates becomes a place for dance culture

Five countries, twelve cities and many extraordinary locations: On August 19, the Red Bull Flying Bach European Tour kicks off at the ‘Alter Plenarsaal’ in Bonn (GER), the former Chamber of the German Bundestag. Years ago it was the stage for political debates, now the Flying Steps turn it into the place for dance culture. After Bonn, further appearances in six German cities are following. The first international shows will be held from September 1-3 in the North of Europe: Denmark. Copenhagen’s ‘Concert Hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music’ hosts the performance in a place, where young talents are educated in classical music. Also the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra performs there regularly. After Denmark, the ensemble is visiting Switzerland. From October 21-23, the Flying Steps present their interpretation of Bach in the ‘Schiffbau’ in Zurich. The heritage-protected industrial hall, where shipbuilding was domiciled once, is a popular venue for contemporary theatre today. Then, from November 5-6 and 12-13, Red Bull Flying Bach shows up in Austria, known as Mozart’s home country with a long tradition in classical music. And with Vienna’s ‘Burgtheater’ they climb a really famous stage. Before the show returns to Germany, the performance will guest in Turkey. From November 25-27, Red Bull Flying Bach will stop in Istanbul, an unrivaled melting pot of long-term tradition and progress, of oriental high culture and modern life. A perfect place for a show, combining high culture and urban art. On November 30, the Bach meets Breakdance performance moves to Ankara, Turkey’s capital.

© Bull Content Pool

© Bull Content Pool

Tour kick-off at the ‘Alter Plenarsaal’ in Bonn (GER), the former Chamber of the German Bundestag.

Reviving Bach’s notes

The creation of an own big production with a unique approach was a long-held dream of the Flying Steps. With this show, Red Bull gave wings to the crew’s vision crowning a rich 10-year friendship. “In former attempts to join classical music and breakdance, the b-boys just supported the music with their moves. For Red Bull Flying Bach we are not only dancing, we are visualizing and reviving Bach’s notes”, Vartan Bassil, founder of the Flying Steps and awarded choreographer, pointed out. “With the Red Bull Flying Bach European Tour we have the opportunity to present our work to a broader audience around the world. We absolutely want to fascinate each crowd, each country with our art. On top of it, we want to create a certain level of understanding between high culture and urban art, between elderly, classically trained music lovers and young guys.”
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Red Bull Flying Bach – European Tour 2011:

Bonn: Plenarsaal, August 19 and September 17-20
Supported by: Klaviere Then, Köln
Hamburg: Curio-Haus, September 10-14
Supported by: Piano-Haus Möller, Rostock
Düsseldorf: Tonhalle, September 28–30 and October 1
Supported by: Klavierhaus Schröder, Düsseldorf
Ludwigsburg: Friedenskirche, October 5–7
Supported by: Piano Hölzle, Sindelfingen
München: Herkulessaal/Residenz, October 9–12
Supported by: Klavier Hirsch, München
Saarlouis: Alte Feuerwache, October 14–17
Supported by: Pianos Kelly, Luxemburg
Aschaffenburg: Stadttheater, December 5
Supported by: Piano Porth, Wiesbaden
Berlin: Trafo/Kraftwerk, December 7–11, 14–18, 28–30
Supported by: Pianohaus Klatt, Berlin

Copenhagen: Concert Hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music, September 1-3

Zurich: Schiffbau, October 21-23

Vienna: Burgtheater
November 5, 8 pm: Opening Night
November 6, 3 pm: Matinée
November 6, 8 pm: Evening Performance
November 12, 8 pm: Evening Performance
November 13, 3 pm: Matinée
November 13, 8 pm: Evening Performance

Istanbul: Halic Kongre Merkezi, November 25-27
Ankara: ODTU Kultur ve Kongre Merkezi, November 30

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