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Austrians “Outstanding Artist” David Helbock plays in New York

On the 9th of November, 7:30 pm, David Helbock will team up with his frequent Austrian collaborators Simon Frick and Alfred Vogel, as well as NYC-based tubist extraordinare, Marcus Rojas for a concert evening at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York City.

Austrian pianist David Helbock studied piano in Austria and Switzerland; since 2000 he has been studying with the New York jazz pianist Peter Madsen, whom he plays with in the band “Mistura”, and in the “CIA” (Collective of Improvising Artists) ensemble. He has won the young musicians’ competition “Prima la Musica,” several times and in 2001 was awarded the prestigous Bösendorfer Scholarship (classical piano).

David Helbock has toured and recorded with many different projects – mainly the Frick/Helbock Duo, Solo-Piano, David Helbock’s Random/Control, Mistura, the HDV Trio (Helbock-Dietrich-Vogel), the CIA (Collective of Improvising Artist) and many others, in countries like the United States, Mexico, Russia, Kasakhstan, Kirgistan, Iran, Kenya, Senegal, Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, and throughout Europe.

Since the start of his musical career David Helbock is also very active as a composer. His newest works are a concerto for Jazztrio and Orchestra and a big “One-Year compositional project” where he wrote a new piece every day for a whole year. (In April 2010 his “My Personal Realbook” with over 600 pages of music was released).In 2007, David Helbock won the second prize at the Bösendorfer Jazz Solo Piano Competition at the prestigious Jazzfestival in Montreux and 2010 in addition he also won the audienceprize at the same competition. In 2011 he was awarded Austria’s “Outstanding Artist Award 2011”.