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14th International Beethoven Piano Competition Vienna – Participants are nominated

At the international pre-selections which have been hold from January 31st until March 2nd, 2013 in Tokyo, New York City, London, Paris, Berlin, Bonn and Vienna following 36 participants were selected out of originally 259 applicants.

One of the most renowned competitions worldwide

In June 2013 the International Beethoven Piano Competition Vienna is organised by the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna for the fourteenth time. This competition ranks among the most renowned contests worldwide and is focused solely on the piano works of Ludwig van Beethoven.


given name  family name   year of birth   citizenship
AnnaALEKSEEVAf1991Russian Federation
Andrés AÑAZCO m 1986 Ecuador
Suhrud ATHAVALE m 1991 USA
Andrei BANCIU m 1985 Romania
Alexander BERNSTEIN m 1988 USA
Stefan CHAPLIKOV m 1988 Bulgaria
Marijan ?UZEL m 1990 Croatia
Valentin FHEODOROFF m 1993 Austria
Maximilian FLIEDER m 1989 Austria
Florian GLEMSER m 1990 Germany
Masataka GOTO m 1985 Japan
Andrey GUGNIN m 1987 Russian Federation
Knut HANSZEN m 1992 Germany
Duanduan HAO m 1990 China
Yidie HUA f 1996 China
Vakhtang JORDANIA m 1986 Georgia
Sarah KIM f 1982 Korea (ROK)
TomokiKI TAMURA m 1991 Japan
Eun Ae LEEf 1988 Korea (ROK)
Adela LICULESCU f 1993 Romania
Maria MAZO f 1982 Russian Federation
Yayoi NEGISHI f 1984 Japan
Rui NISHIHARA m 1994 Japan
Alexander PANFILOV m 1989 Russian Federation
Soo Jung PARK f 1988 Korea (ROK)
Costanza PRINCIPE f 1993 Italy
Yoon soo RHEE f 1981 Korea (ROK)
Takashi SATO m 1983 Japan
Mari SATO w 1987 Japan
Hiroo SATO m 1987 Japan
Philipp SCHEUCHER m 1993 Great Britain
Christoph TRAXLER m 1983 Austria
Yuya TSUDA m 1982 Japan
Keisuke TSUSHIMA m 1986 Japan
Larry WENG m 1987 USA
Emre YAVUZ m 1990 Turkey
FINALE at the Wiener Musikverein - Golden Hall1st Prize: € 8.000,- & a Bösendorfer grand piano model 200 ©


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