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Bösendorfer: The Rolls-Royce of pianos

Once the aristocrat of pianos, Bösendorfer has lately fallen on hard times. But now with Yamaha´s support, it aims to return to its great traditions - and new ventures, reports Christopher Wood in "Pianist".

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"Spend any time at Bösendorfer and you cannot remain unaware of a great history.The firm dates from 1828, after all, before the vast majority of businesses were twinklesin theier founders´eyes. Liszt led a string of world-famous pianists for whom this was the instrument of choice. Recent years may have seen fluctuating fortunes. But now under Yamaha, if Bösendorfer´s sanguine staff are to believed, that great history is set to continue."

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Pianist - "The Rolls-Royce of pianos" (4819 KB)

"PIANIST" - cover

"PIANIST" - cover