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Bösendorfer and Yamaha Intensify Collaboration in Sales and Marketing

The traditional Austrian piano manufacturer Bösendorfer, which is contending with the effects of the economic crisis and the strong euro, should be well-prepared for the future thanks to a comprehensive restructuring program. Vienna 26-11-2009

The global economic crisis has entailed far-reaching changes in the international piano industry which also directly affect Bösendorfer. Since the company’s purchase in January of 2008, Yamaha has offered significant financial support for the Austrian piano company.

To strengthen Bösendorfer’s presence and its instruments in the global markets, Bösendorfer and Yamaha have decided upon an intensive collaboration in sales and marketing. Integrated within a multiple-brand strategy, the strengths and special virtues of both brands will be more intensively advertised and utilized in order to open up new sales possibilities and capture new market share with combined vigor. Together, Bösendorfer and Yamaha are able to offer a perfect solution to every pianist, every teacher and every audience.

While Yamaha pianos, with their clear and pure sound, are available for every performance situation, Bösendorfer grands have a European flavor that renders a full, warm sound and special interpretations possible for pianists. Instruments built by Bösendorfer, which will continue to be managed as an independent company, should therefore be increasingly available on the world’s stages. With the support of Yamaha and its infrastructure, artist management should be expanded worldwide and collaboration with concert halls and renowned educational institutions accelerated.

The Austrian company’s instruments are not only famous for their touching sound, they are also emblematic of the finest craftsmanship and innovative creative spirit, as demonstrated by the recently introduced Bösendorfer grand by Audi design.
In the future, Bösendorfer grands will be positioned even more in the premium segment, while Bösendorfer customers will continue to be able to select their personalized, handmade instrument from among a variety of shapes, woods, colors and finishes.

While the concerted efforts of Bösendorfer and Yamaha in the piano market will lead to an increase in revenue and profits, the Bösendorfer management also desires to secure the company’s turnaround via improvements in cost structure. Leaner structures, more efficient processes, sales planning in line with the market and production capacities adapted thereto are all part of the restructuring plan, of which the workers’ council and employees have been informed today. The planned adjustments in capacity will unfortunately also involve personnel layoffs and changes in existing employment contracts. It is the aim of the management to retain as well as continually improve the company's high quality standards. Today, the workers’ council was invited to enter directly into discussion with the management to reach a consensus on measures and a social compensation plan.

The consolidation of production and administration, marketing, international sales and parts of service resolved upon by the management in the spring of this year, which represents a first step in the company’s reorientation, will occur as scheduled in the initial months of the coming year. Construction of the new and representative sales showroom on the factory premises in Wiener Neustadt could recently be initiated; it will be available to customers starting in the spring of 2010.

The goal of all measures is to give Bösendorfer a stable financial basis for the future. Bösendorfer will remain in Austria.

Dr. Rupert Löschnauer
Bösendorfer Communications
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