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Stephen und Claire star guests at Bösendorfer

We proudly presented with our star guests Claire Worrall (Keyboardist of Robbie Williams) and Stephen Duffy (Songwriter Robbie Williams) the first digital Boesendorfer at a press conference in Vienna.

Our special guests for the presentation of the first digital Bösendorfer – CEUSmaster – Claire Worrall (Keyboard) und Stephen Duffy (composer and guitar) fascinated the journalists from across the world with a highly acclaimed short concert in the Bösendorfer Hall in Graf Starhemberg-Gasse in Vienna.

Stephen Duffy und Claire Worrall
Stephen Duffy, songwriter of Robbie Williams and Claire Worrall, keyboards and background vocals for Robbie Williams (on the CEUSmaster Stage-Piano), performed at the Bösendorfer Hall in Vienna. Photo: FineStudios®
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Thanks to the Vienna Symphonic Library’s non-looped samples, the CEUSmaster sounds like a genuine Imperial – yet that in itself would hardly satisfy our requirements for product innovation. Only the fact that we could incorporate our computer piano know-how and our profound knowledge of grand piano construction led us to develop the CEUSmaster.
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