CEUS Reproducing System

CEUS digital grand piano reproduces virtuosity and emotion

Welcome to a new dimension of recording and reproducing playing, practice sessions or concerts on a digital grand piano.

CEUS: Musical emotions and virtuosity are authentically reproducible

CEUS: Musical emotions and virtuosity are authentically reproducible

Here begins a new dimension of archiving and reproducing professional piano music. The CEUS digital grand piano reproducing system is first and foremost the expansion of a pianist’s artistic possibilities and in all of its functions subordinate to the acoustic musical instrument, the Bösendorfer concert grand.

Increase in Efficiency

In concert with the CEUS digital grand piano, the pianist can accompany himself, have his concert recorded by CEUS, archive it with perfect authenticity and reuse it for later recordings.

In experimental music, with CEUS the artist has at his disposal an instrument the possibilities of which extend far beyond those of a pianist. No limits are placed upon creativity (MIDI sequencer control, etc.).

After recording on the CEUS, the pianist need not be present for the audio recording in the studio. In turn, the recording engineer need not attend the pianist’s recording session (time, stress and cost savings).

After-the-fact repositioning of the microphones is also possible, as the CEUS is a patient “pianist” who can authentically reproduce the recording umpteen times.

Moreover, all ambient noises (creaking of the piano bench, the pianist’s noises when striking a key) are eliminated.

A singer need not invite a pianist for every practice session, can have the requisite song accompaniments recorded and is independent of the pianist in all respects (time and cost savings).

International Master Classes

Used in pedagogy, the CEUS digital grand piano reproducing system helps students to analyze their mistakes so that they can become aware of their own playing (active-passive!). In addition, teaching can occur over long distances (CEUS will soon make teaching possible between the Mozarteum University in Salzburg and the China Conservatory in Beijing). Long-distance preselection of potential talents for universities (eliminating travel costs) is thereby possible.

The technical aspects of CEUS are easily learnt.

The technical aspects of CEUS are easily learnt.

CEUS Library

It consists of 1500 historical recordings (classical music, dinner music, opera etc.) of famous pianists, like Vladimir Horowitz, Artur Rubinstein, Sergei Rachmaninoff (to name but a few) that you can listen to on your CEUS.