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Opus No 50,000 piano arrives at Harrods, London

Our truly unique Opus No 50,000 is being showcased at the world famous Harrods store in London during the month of April within the Fine Furniture Gallery.

Ignaz Bösendorfer founded his eponymous piano company in 1828 dedicated to simply making the best possible instrument; the Opus No 50,000 has been a 185 year journey.

Our Opus No.50,000 is inspired by two instruments that were created for the 1867 World Exhibition in Pairs, both of which were neo-classical in concept. One was designed by Theophil Hansen, the famous Danish architect who designed many major buildings in Vienna including the Parliament and the world famous concert hall, the Musikverein. The other was designed by Anton Grosser who incorporated golden caryatids, similar to the ones in the Musikverein, in his design. Our Opus No.50,000 is a neo-classical instrument for the 21st century – opulent, beautiful yet not out of place in any setting.

Brian Kemble, Managing Director of Bösendorfer commented “Harrods and Bösendorfer are a perfect combination – it gives the opportunity of customers from around the world to see our instrument in a perfect setting. Opus N0 50,000 is on sale at £599,999.

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