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Ana-Marija Markovina wins the German Record Critics´Award for her recording of the complete works of C.Ph.E. Bach

Congratulations! The pianist gives a concert and presents her new CD in the Bösendorfer Hall, Vienna, on June 24, 2014

To the decision of the jury: One of the most beautiful gifts that could be given to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach for his complete recording of his works for solo piano. Corresponding to the essence of the composer as well as to his music, thus temperamental, positively moody and always good for suprises, the Cologne pianist Ana-Marija Markovina presents a wide range of moods and emotions. Her very own and personal access of interpretation perfectly matches the radical and subjective expression of Bach´s second oldest son. His younger colleagues have indeed respected him, but the actual musical world has to discover him again nowadays. This CD edition is a real good opportunity. (for the jury: Kalle Burmester) The recordings were on a Bösendorfer concert grand.