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Management change at Bösendorfer

March 1st is a time of significant management change at                 L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH. 

We are pleased to announce that Brian Kemble MBE will be taking the position of Managing Director (L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH) from March 1st. Last October he was recruited to the company as Deputy Managing Director. Brian Kemble commented  that “it is a tremendous honour for me to be entrusted with such a gem of the piano world. My goal will be to use my 30 years of experience within the piano industry to drive the company forward  by working tirelessly with my dedicated Austrian staff to further strengthen the position of Bösendorfer. We have some exciting new models in the pipeline and a clear vision of the future. The long tradition of Bösendorfer - the foundation of European sound - will continue to be respected and built on”. 

Yoshichika (Mike) Sakai, his predecessor as Managing Director, having successfully guided Bösendorfer through the difficult period of restructuring following the global financial crisis, is returning to Japan (in April) where he will be ideally positioned to empower Bösendorfer‘s global position as he continues his career within Yamaha piano group as well as remaining a Board Director of Bösendorfer.  

Mike Sakai stated “It has been an honour for me to work at Bösendorfer - I have enjoyed very much the Viennese way of life. I thank all my staff for their hard work and dedication, and wish them every success in the future under the strong stewardship of Brian Kemble”. 

Also on the 1st of March Simon Oss will become Sales and Marketing Director. 

Mrs. Christine Köberl is retiring on March 31st  as a Board Director after many dedicated years of service; whilst Mrs. Sabine Grubmüller joins the Board from April 1st as Financial and Administration Director.  

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