Design Your Own Piano

A piano is black! Really?

For most people a grand piano is black. The association is a large instrument with a shiny surface and 88 black and white keys. But the piano, too, allows many other possibilities of shaping and surface.

"Daen" - Emiko Kato, Tokyo - Bösendorfer Design Award 2006

"Daen" - Emiko Kato, Tokyo - Bösendorfer Design Award 2006

Bösendorfer has always produced individual instruments. Bösendorfer customers have always valued the possibility of selection between various forms, types of wood, colour and finishing. Generations of sensitively demanding music lovers have enjoyed the thrill of possessing an individual, hand-built instrument of immaculate, unprecedented sound of quality.

A piano manufacturer worthy of the name (Latin manus-hand, and factura-making) can also prove its ability by building special models and one-of-a-kind instruments. We need not make allowances for conveyor belts and robots – at Bösendorfer, instruments are made by genuine craftspersons. With pleasure, they create the piano of your dream, the piano of your love for you.