The Philosophy

Bösendorfer aims to create new value through implementing our corporate philosophy and pursuing corporate management that emphasizes corporate social responsibility in our day to day business activities.

Bösendorfer road sign in Vienna’s 1st district

Bösendorfer road sign in Vienna’s 1st district

The company

The Bösendorfer piano company in Vienna, Austria, is exemplary of the art of Viennese piano making and sound culture traditions. Since 1828, Bösendorfer has produced grand and upright pianos with the unique Bösendorfer sound for concert stages, educational institutions, pianists and music lovers worldwide.

Commitment to Customers

Bösendorfer endeavors to think and act from the standpoint of our customers to provide top quality products and services. We actively cultivate long term relationships with our friends. We continuously improve our products and services based on our rich tradition and at the same time are open to new creative ideas and technologies. Our customer care is based on individuality and exclusivity in order to provide tailor-made services to artists as ambassadors of our touching sound.

Bösendorfer and its members

We commit ourselves to our common objective to create new corporate value, to fulfill our high standards in our products, services and the association to ourselves. We strive to develop successful, business-oriented thinking, understanding that we are part of a larger whole and that all our actions have consequences. Bösendorfer will develop a positive climate supporting individual abilities based on transparent, fair and universally valid guidelines, in which everyone can have confidence and pride.

Commitment to society

Bösendorfer accepts responsibility as an example of Austrian cultural heritage. We prioritize safety, environmental care and the sustainability of materials used in our products. Our global activities require to a great extent that we understand other cultures, meet them with openness, observe national and international rules and frameworks and communicate respectfully with other persons. We believe the distinctive Bösendorfer sound to be a contribution to the global culture of music and social development, enriching music’s ability to bring emotion and joy to people all over the globe.

Brand slogan: “Der Klang, der berührt”

Bösendorfer Corporate Philosophy (367 KB)