What do you get out of it?

What do you get out of it?

• At the moment, CEUS is the only computer controlled grand piano world-wide capable of emotionally authentic recording and reproduction of piano pieces, all that with an exceedingly higher accuracy than comparable systems.

• CEUS is the perfect practice instrument for professional pianists, as it enables the pianists to listen to their own performance from an audience’s perspective. Interpretation and performance skills can thus be minutely monitored and refined.

• CEUS ensures recordings without any of the sound distortions introduced by conventional audio systems (microphones, amplifiers, speakers). Live-recordings from the concert hall are now able to be realised with this instrument excluding the disturbing noises associated with live performances.

• CD production recordings can be made and edited on your own instrument. CD production can be continued in any sound studio equipped with a CEUS system at any given time.

• CEUS is your partner of choice for long distance music production.
If you would like to play four-handed but you have only got two hands? CEUS will be at your disposal.

• You already own a Bösendorfer grand and now you prefer a computer controlled grand? CEUS can be built into all Bösendorfer grand pianos (models 170 to 290). But don’t worry: the amazing Bösendorfer sound will remain unchanged even after a customized fitting.

CEUS will work magic

You might perhaps feel like having someone else play for you and conjure up the music of renowned pianists in your own living room. We will compile for you a collection of select piano pieces. At one touch of the remote control CEUS will work magic. Invisible hands will bring your favourite music – recorded at the Vienna Musikverein – into your home. Your friends will be amazed.