32 Sonatas. 32 Masterpieces. 1 Composition.

Inspired van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven ( 1770 - 1827 ), was born in Bonn in 1770 and first visited Vienna in 1787, originally planning to study with maestro W.A. Mozart. He was obliged to return home almost immediately as his mother became ill. He returned in 1792, after the death of Mozart, and began studying with Joseph Haydn. Prior to his departure, his patron Ferdinand von Waldstein writes to him:

Dear Beethoven! You are going to Vienna in fulfilment of your long-standing wishes. The genius of Mozart is mourning and weeping over the death of his pupil. He has found a refuge but no occupation with the inexhaustible Haydn ( ... ) With the help of assiduous labour you shall receive Mozart’s spirit out of the hands of Haydn. Your true friend, Waldstein. 

OT | Bonn d 29t. Oct. 792.

Ferdinand von Waldstein


Beethoven lived and worked in Vienna for the rest of his life (he died in 1827), helping it to further consolidate its position as the musical centre of Europe. He composed all of his immortal masterpieces here. Ignaz Bösendorfer started his piano manufactory in 1828, the year following Beethoven’s death, and his ideas of sound were very much shaped by Vienna’s cultural environment that was profoundly influenced by - eventually - Beethoven. Many distinguished artists have chosen Bösendorfer instruments for their performance of Beethoven’s works. Our Beethoven model celebrates the great composer and was launched in 2013, the year of the 14th International Beethoven Piano Competition Vienna and the 185th anniversary of our company.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy

Ludwig van Beethoven

( 1770 - 1827 )

1 Composition

In close cooperation with Beethoven-Haus Bonn, we have silkscreened onto the inside of the grand piano lid the opening measures of the Presto Agitato from Beethoven’s “Moonlight” Sonata, Op. 27 No. 2, taken from the original autograph. In keeping with this “Moonlight” theme, we have used “moonlight” coloured mother of pearl for our Bösendorfer emblem and for the Beethoven icon on the music desk.
32 Sonatas. 32 Masterpieces. 1 Composition.
Our Limited Collector's Edition van Beethoven.

True art eludes time.

Ludwig van Beethoven

( 1770 - 1827 )

32 Sonatas
32 Masterpieces
1 Bösendorfer Grand

Collector's Edition
Bösendorfer Artist Series Ludwig van Beethoven

Concert Grand action geometry guarantees optimal play and controllability
Independent Capo d’Astro for perfect adjustment in the descant registry
Sophisticated processing of European raw materials exclusively
Resonance body out of Austrian spruce resonance wood
Hand spun Bösendorfer bass strings
Handcrafted in Austria
Single stringing
3 pedals


Designed for Bösendorfer Grand 200 and 214VC

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