Bösendorfer Marquetry Series

Imperial Splendour

Empress Maria Theresa used Schönbrunn Palace as her imperial summer residence and it became a glamorous focus of court life. Leading statesmen and personalities from the arts and culture were amongst the many guests. Even six-year-old Mozart performed in this marvelous surroundings. The buildings, gardens and internal decorations were all part of the overall baroque design. Perhaps, inspired by the magnificent gardens of Schönbrunn, the famous 18th century Bohemian ornamentalist painter Johann Wenzel Bergl, covered several ceilings and walls of the palace with detailed scenes of nature. Later these were also enjoyed by the nature-loving Empress Elisabeth (Sisi). Furniture and pianos were often richly decorated with ornamental designs, plant and animal motifs created with various types of inlaid wood veneer.  Our Bösendorfer Grand “Schönbrunn” pays tribute to the Viennese palace’s magnificent architecture and design, displaying a dazzling snapshot of nature. The Collector's Edition is limited to nine instruments and each will have an individually numbered solid brass plate.  This exclusive Bösendorfer Grand is celebrating the Art of the Piano and master craftsmanship.


Collector's Edition
Bösendorfer Marquetry Series

Bösendorfer action geometry guarantees optimal play and controllability
Independent Capo d’Astro for perfect adjustment in the descant registry
Sophisticated processing of European raw materials exclusively
Resonance body out of Austrian spruce resonance wood
Hand spun Bösendorfer bass strings
Handcrafted in Austria
Single stringing
3 pedals


Designed for Bösendorfer Grand 200
Black or white finish with maple interior