Happy Birthday Ludwig Bösendorfer

How Progress Became Tradition!

Young entrepreneurs have now become integral to our world – young entrepreneurs with new ideas, who put all their eggs in one basket and reach for the stars. At times, the biggest organisations and most famous corporations were significantly shaped by young people.

Yet that’s actually nothing new. The great minds with new ideas were already around in former times, above all in 19th-century Vienna, on its way to a new era. Ludwig Bösendorfer created something in which practically no one before him had succeeded. He revolutionised not only instrument making – he revolutionised music itself.

He relied on the tradition of the company his father handed over to him, honoured the work that had been performed prior to his taking the reins, yet still forged new paths. We have Ludwig to thank for the unique selling proposition of Bösendorfer instruments: perfect workmanship, absolute devotion to the profession, recognition of the needs and requirements of an instrument at any given time – for all this we have a young man to thank who at the age of 24 followed in his father’s footsteps.

We also have this revolutionary thinking to thank for the fact that his spirit continues to inspire to this day, now with the Bösendorfer Enspire, in which old-school craftsmanship united with state-of-the-art technology is taking over the music world by storm.

On April 10, we are thus not only celebrating Ludwig’s birthday, we’re also celebrating love and devotion to music.

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