Schubertiaden - The Art of Interpretation

30.06.2019 00:00 - 06.08.2019 22:00

"Poetry and performance of the German Lied"

The Art of Interpretation - "The Song from Schubert to Strauss"

The intimate relationship between music and poetry in the German Lied requires the artist to refine his or her sensibilities in both modes of expression. The work of the FRANZ-SCHUBERT-INSTITUT is founded on the premise that insight into the poetry of the Age of Goethe and the ability to recite that poetry effectively are prerequisites for the musical interpretation and performance of the Lied.


9. Juli 2019 Eröffnungskonzert

16. Juli 2019 Schubertiade

28. Juli 2019 Schubertiade

5. August 2019 Festkonzert

Accompanists and singers work and learn together at the FRANZ-SCHUBERT-INSTITUT. Far from being the servant of the vocalist, the professional accompanist shares equally in creating the total musical meaning of the Lied and should, therefore, for pedagogical as well as artistic reasons, master the poetry and its elocution. Bösendorfer is  spart of the five-week course, conducted primarily in English.

Bösendorfer supports this five-week summer intensive course with leading interpreters of the classical song repertoire. The high artistic standards and unique structure of the course "Poetry and Performance of the German Lied", together with its peerless guest faculty, explain why this master course has, since its inception in 1978, been widely regarded as the finest of its kind.

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