The Secrets of Music

07.07.2019 00:00 - 08.08.2019 22:00

European Music Institute

Music keeps its secrets, and yet, we can never stop striving to disclose them, even with the awareness that we might never disclose them at all. Therefore, as musicians, who feel compelled to our art, we must indeed follow the demanding and beautiful imperative Beethoven has left to us.

We introduce young artists to musical analysis, performance practice and to the various criteria for evaluating compositions. With additional features, European Music Institute Vienna aims to prepare students for the versatile and challenging future of the musician’s profession.

The epoch of Viennese Classics, the period in which music as art has found to its “highest clarity of inner and outer appearance” (Hans Swarowsky), is thus a key for our musical education. It can provide those striving for full understanding of all parameters of musical piece – insofar they have learned to combine theory and practice – with the skills to accomplish every style of art music.

As one of the world’s leading summer academies, founded in 1975 as Wiener Meisterkurse by the late conductor Günther Theuring, and since 2016 re-founded and operating as the European Music Institute Vienna under the artistic direction of Jörg Birhance, we want to pursue this tour de force together with our students, young musicians from all over the world: Through the study and practice of the masterworks of the classic epoch we believe to consign a key to the understanding of all musical styles and epochs of the international concert repertoire up to contemporary music.


23.07. 19:30 | À la recherche
Lecture-Concert with French Chamber Music of Debussy, Ravel, Jolivet and Hurel
Antonia Sinko & Letícia Maia-Durante (Flutes), Sandra Seržāne (Violin), Samuel Mittag (Viola), Benedikt Sinko (Cello), Marianne Salmona (Piano), Zsofia Kiss (Harp)
Lecture: Antonia Sinko

25.07., 19:30 | Piano Recital
Martin Hughes plays Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert
Final Concerts of the Master Course Participants

11.07., 19:30 | Vladimir Kharin, Piano

12.07., 19:30 | Wladislaw Winokurow, Vienna Violin Camp for Kids

14.07., 11:30 | Jörg Birhance, Conducting - WienSinfonietta: Haydn, Mozart, Wellesz

18.07., 19:30 | Stephan Möller, Piano

21.07., 17:00 | Pavel Vernikov & Svetlana Makarova, Violin

21.07., 19:30 | Francisco Araiza, Lied, Oratorium, Oper

25.07., 17:00 | Milana Chernyavska, Piano

28.07., 11:30 | Claudia Visca, Lied, Oratorium, Oper

28.07., 17:00 | Miklós Perényi, Cello

28.07., 19:30 | Rudolf Piernay, Lied, Oratorium, Oper

30.07., 19:30 | Loïc Schneider, Flute

31.07., 19:30 | Martin Hughes, Piano

01.08., 17:00 | Kirill Troussov, Violin

04.08., 18:00 | Gertrud Weinmeister, Viola

05.08., 19:30 | Snezana Stamenkovic, Lied, Oratorium, Oper

06.08., 19:30 | Uta Schwabe, Lied, Oratorium, Oper

08.08., 17:00 | Christa Bützberger, Piano

08.08., 19:30 | Balász Szokolay, Piano

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