Sir András Schiff – Quarantine in Japan after his Concert Tour

March 2020, Sir András Schiff performed in Japan, in Tokyo and Osaka. Then came Covid-19. Schiff decided to stay in Japan and sent a special “thank you” to the Japanese Music Lovers.

As part of his Japan tour in March this year, Sir András Schiff played in sold-out concert venues. In the Tokyo Opera City, he gave two concerts on a Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand. For his concert in the Osaka Izumi Hall, he decided on a Bösendorfer Concert Grand 280VC Vienna Concert. Schiff and his audience were so enthusiastic that he played encores for more than an hour including the Waldstein Sonata – what an unforgettable evening.

Due to the escalating Covid-19 situation, Schiff and his wife decided to stay in Japan. But a pianist can't be long without a grand piano. Bösendorfer Japan supplied Schiff with a Bösendorfer piano in size 170, a very popular size in Japan. Schiff in return thanked all music lovers with the following words:



Dear Japanese music-lovers,
My wife Shiokawa Yuuko-San and I are very fortunate to be in Japan in these extremely taxing times. 
This is a wonderful country with very kind people who are used to difficulties, earthquakes, tsunami, natural disasters. We can spend this time in Kamakura next to the ocean and looking at Mount Fuji. Bösendorfer Japan has very kindly offered me a lovely piano that has been raised in through the window by a crane. On this instrument I can practice and play Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, but also Bach and Debussy. Not being able to return to my home, it brings me a piece of Central Europe, to Kamakura. We are very grateful for this privilege.
Let's hope that the emergency will end and that we'll soon be able to listen to music together in concert halls.
Yours sincerely,
András Schiff


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