The Bösendorfer Journal

The Bösendorfer Journal - starting January 23

Extraordinary, everyday, personal - stories, not only from our rich history, but also from our present with a pinch of future. In search of two exceptional master craftsmen who conquered Europe and later the whole world with the Viennese sound.

How it all started: Vienna, July 25, 1828: Ignaz Bösendorfer is granted the right to take up residence in Vienna, to work as a piano builder and to pay taxes. Our company’s sonorous history, so closely connected with city of Vienna’s cultural development, begins with this official permission.

Already during the era in which our piano company was founded, Vienna is considered a cultural and musical metropolis. Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert already created great works here. In 1828, the Italian violinist Niccolò Paganini gave his first performance in Vienna - and Vienna laid himself at the feet of the "devil's violinist". 1825 should have been 148 piano makers in Vienna - one could rightly speak of the center of European piano making. In 1839, Ignaz Bösendorfer becomes the first piano builder to be awarded the title of “Royal and Imperial Court Piano Maker” by the emperor.

After the death of his father Ludwig Bösendorfer takes over at the age of 24 years. Due to his exceptionally good ear, he is a very talented musician himself - the best prerequisite for getting in touch at eye level with the great artists of his time. In 1872, Ludwig is granted permission to open a concert hall in the former stables of Palais Liechtenstein – prior to its demolition in 1913, this hall is considered one of the best concert halls for chamber music in Vienna along with the Musikverein. At the turn of the 20th century, Vienna has over two million residents and is a melting pot of Central European cultures, with an economically and intellectually well-educated society.

100th anniversary of the death of Ludwig Bösendorfer: 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Ludwig Bösendorfer's death. A brilliant PR man and excellent networker who maintains good contacts with the key personalities of the music and society life, he carries Bösendorfer into the world beyond Europe.

Follow us – let’s set out together starting on January 23 in search of these exceptional master craftsmen and entrepreneurs, Ignaz and Ludwig Bösendorfer. Who were the people behind the names? Who were their friends and companions? What drove them? Join us to explore their unconditional dedication to music and their vision, their spirit continue to influence our manufactory to this day – in the 21st century. Catch a sidelong glance at our manufactory.
Wishing you a wonderful time immersing yourself in our sound universe!