Sawing, drilling, gluing, planing, sanding ...

It takes many hands and even more work steps
before the first sounds are heard.
Join us on a tour through our manufactory

from the lumber yard to the finished Bösendorfer

The Art of the Piano

Remaining true to our precious heritage we continue to set new standards in sound and artistic expression. Calling Vienna, the city of music our home, we have set out to develop the new generation of Vienna Concert Grands, removing any obstacles. The result: Room-filling radiance, sheer limitless tonal range and unique depth of sound, enabling the finest of nuances.

6 Years of Patience

It takes up to 6 years until our Bösendorfer Grands are ready for your stage, leaving our manufactory perfectly refined and voiced. Precious time to complement all the qualities that Bösendorfer stands for. We take great pride in the Art of the Piano and the master craftsmanship of our Bösendorfer Artisans. We take precious time to craft something truly unique. Your Bösendorfer Grand.


Sound & Aesthetics

A tribute to precious materials, breath-taking aesthetics and master craftsmanship. Unique in design, sound and perfection: our Bösendorfer Collector's Edition.
Exclusivity for the eye.


Bösendorfer Grands & Uprights

The ethos of Bösendorfer goes right back to 1828 and the founding of our company.
We are passionate about crafting pianos, ultimately sharing a unique experience of sound, touch and - foremost - emotion. Uncompromising traditional handcrafting,
beauty and the Viennese soul: Made in Austria.

Concerts & Events

Whether tender and playful or brilliantly bright, astonishingly heroic: the world of music and artistic expression knows no limits. Listen in and experience the Sound of the Piano - we keep you updated on recent events and recitals.



Read about our newest inventions in our engineering department, insider reports of our people, launches of new Bösendorfer Collector's Grands or interviews and personal insights of piano artists: everything found in our news section. 


Artists & Friends

A selection of prominent artists who play or have played Bösendorfer, as well as renowned personalities who are or were owners of a Bösendorfer Instrument.


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Bösendorferstraße 12
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