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„Bösendorfer Festival“
at the casemates in Wiener Neustadt
Dates October 2023 until February 2024

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New exhibition at the Bösendorfer Salon
150 Years Vienna World Exibition
Review of the Great World Event with the participation of Bösendorfer Pianos

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CD-Presentation: Saskia Giorgini
Liszt: Consolations
The "Consolations" themselves might appeal for the gifted amateur, but Giorgini's performance is of such consummate musical grace and affection that the music is light years away from such consideration

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Journal: Klimt's Enchanted Garden
A Homage to the World Artist Gustav Klimt
Klimt's The Tree of Life frieze in the dining hall of the Stoclet Palace in Brussels is a seminal work from his “Golden Period” and is still considered the high point of his artistic development. For this monumental frieze he produced equally impressive full-scale preliminary drawings. Revised several times, the drawings even contain Klimt’s own handwritten notes. Totally unique, they are now considered works of comparable artistic merit to the frieze itself, and are on permanent display at the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) in Vienna. Klimt’s frieze symbolizes the cycle of life, and how all forms of matter interrelate and influence one another.

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Bösendorfer Amadeus Piano&Soul Competition
Bösendorfer Amadeus Piano&Soul Competition
Organised by the AMADEUS Festival Vienna in collaboration with Bösendorfer Salon, the competition welcomes aspiring musicians aged 15 to 35, emphasizing the Salon Music genre.

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CD-Präsentation: Marialy Pacheco
„Reload“ ist ein Schmelztiegel unterschiedlicher musikalischer Identitäten, ein Schatz umfangreicher, gesammelter Lebenserfahrungen – und eines der eindrucksvollsten und emotionalsten Alben unserer Zeit.

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Bösendorfer-Cycle at Haus der Ingenieure

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CD - Presentation: Skyline
Bösendorfer Artist Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Ron Carter & Jack DeJohnette
The multiple GRAMMY winner, jazz pianist and composer Gonzalo Rubalcaba receives the Grammy for his album "Skyline" in the category "Best Jazz Instrumental Album". On Skyline, Rubalcaba plays in a dynamic trio format, accompanied by Ron Carter on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums.

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CD-Präsentation: Jasmine Choi & Hugh Sung
Brahms - Schumann - Reinecke
Man kann leicht feststellen, dass die meisten bekannten Komponisten der Romantik nicht viel für die Flöte komponiert haben. Um diese traurige Tatsache als Flötistin zu lindern, spiele ich seit meiner Jugend Werke aus der Romantik, die für andere Instrumente geschrieben wurden und von denen viele mittlerweile zum Standardrepertoire für Flöte gehören.

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CD-Presentation: Julia Kociuban
Polish Polonaises
All in all, her playing is dynamically varied and of great richness with its many colors. On a good-sounding Bösendorfer, the power of the left hand and the contrasts thus achieved are also particularly striking, so that the listener’s interest is kept alive by truly exciting interpretations.

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