Since 1914 at
the Heart of Vienna

Ludwig Bösendorfer, actively involved in Vienna's cultural scene, was elected honourable member of the Committee of Vienna's Society of Friends of Music in 1869. For that reason our flagship store was moved 1914 to the rear of the world famous concert hall. Up to today you will find our fine assortment presented in Vienna's 1st district. Visit us and discover the Bösendorfer Sound universe. An experience destined to surprise you.

Opening Hours

Monday till Friday
10:00 - 18:00 o'clock
Bösendorferstraße 12
at the Musikverein
1010 Vienna

+43 1 504 66 51 310

Select Your Instrument

Whether you would like to try the responsive mechanical action of a Yamaha upright, or you would like to carefully select your handcrafted Bösendorfer Grand - we will assure you discover the vast diversity of piano sound. We specialise in finding the sound impression that is perfect for you. For beginners we also offer the unique opportunity to upgrade to a Bösendorfer Grand within 5 years after your first purchase from us. Take your time when selecting your instrument - a Bösendorfer is crafted to last for generations. 

Your Piano Store

Located at the Bösendorferstraße 12, at the Musikverein, entrance Canovagasse, you will find a careful selection of our fine assortment. Exhibiting everything from a brand new Concert Grand 280VC - Vienna Concert to the Grand Uprights 120 & 130, we are convinced to offer the instrument pianists desire. Besides our brand new instruments we also display refurbished Bösendorfer Grands of our ex-rental fleet, which are sold after 3-5 years of concert play.
We take pride in the vast variety of sound impressions that you will experience and are glad to make you listen to a sound that is crafted to resonate with you.

Financing & Leasing

Calling a Bösendorfer Grand your own is an experience destined to last for generations. We will find the optimal way for you to finance or lease your instrument. Initial pay, time frame and interest rates are always dependent on the valued instrument and your personal preferences. For detailed information we are standing by to assist you.

Upgrade Guarantee

With our Bösendorfer Upgrade Guarantee you select the tempo when it is time for your Bösendorfer. For beginners we offer reliable Yamaha instruments that have been voiced and serviced by Bösendorfer Concert Technicians. As soon as you would like to immerse yourself in the Bösendorfer Sound universe, your upgrade will be ready.

Your Grand Event

Special occasions require exceptional instruments. Whether it is for your own concert, wedding or festival - we will support you with the perfect sound frame. Concert Grands, Grand Pianos or Cembalos are at disposal within our rental fleet, ready to shine at your event. Our service team will take care of transport and arrangement, voicing and tuning before the event. All you have to do? Celebrate.

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