Carlo Grante (Italy)

Never before has a pianist recorded Domenico Scarlatti’s complete works on CD: Carlo Grante undertook this enormous challenge and recorded all of the Italian composer’s works in a studio in Vienna under the patronage of Paul and Eva Badura-Skoda.

Born in Italy, Grante can look back upon an impressive international career: Following his classical training in Rome, Miami and at the Juilliard School in New York, he performed with leading orchestras, including the Dresden Staatskapelle, the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Wiener Symphoniker. At the 1995 Newport Festival, Grante became the first pianist to perform all 53 of Leopold Godowsky’s Studies on Chopin’s Etudes live.

I grew up with a Bösendorfer. For me, a Bösendorfer is a friend, a brother, a companion. I trust this instrument.”

Over the course of his career, Carlo Grante has recorded more than 50 albums and, in addition to his pioneering work with Scarlatti and Godowsky, is also known for his interpretations of Mozart, Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Busoni and Debussy. Carlo Grante is a Bösendorfer Artist.