Special Exhibition at Mozarthaus Vienna

Vienna: The Special Exhibition of the Mozarthaus Vienna is to be displayed at Mozart's domicile until 14 January 2018. It is a cross-section of Mozart and his close ties to the Viennese society. Besides being a Wunderkind, Mozart has proven to be a quite sophisticated entrepreneur.

Mozart and his Viennese Networks. A Cross-Section In 1781 Mozart made a major step from being an employee at the Salzburg Court to becoming an entrepreneur in Vienna. For this he needed a new location (Vienna), new clients (including emperors and middle-class citizens), new musicians, new publishers, new venues, new sponsors, and new audiences. He created networks to meet these aspirations. All members of these networks only came together at premieres of his operas and in his academy concerts. Otherwise meetings took place individually according to needs and wishes.Mozart had learned musical skills from his father as well as how to create networks. The travels right across Europe as a seven-year-old child introduced him to heads of royal and princely households, the high clergy, even including the Pope, high-ranking military staff, scholars, philosophers and scientists, artists, poets, wealthy middle-class citizens, and also ordinary people so that he was able to move with ease between all levels of society. These experiences as a child undoubtedly made an impact on Mozart for his entire life and were beneficial to him later on. 

In Vienna he encountered the court headed by Emperor Joseph II, as well as high military officials, wealthy citizens, civil servants, publishers, artists, poets, intellectuals, people from the theater, and Freemasons. Many of them sponsored him with moral and financial support.Mozart was, apart from very few crises, able to live well from his work and establish his renown throughout Europe. Without this ingenious entrepreneurial strategy, which the presentation tries to highlight, he would not have been successful. And moreover he set an example for the musical future. The exhibition is to be displayed until the 14th of Jannuary, 2018.

Curator: Manfred Wagner

(c) photography: Eva Kelety

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