CD-Presentation: Mélody Zhao

Joseph Haydn Complete Piano Concerto

"What Swiss pianist Melodie Zhao and Howard Griffiths present here is sensationally good. Spirited, virtuosic, exceedingly vividly articulated, they serve up these concertos often misunderstood as inconsequential early works." (Fono Forum 04/ 2021)

The Swiss-Chinese pianist Mélodie Zhao teams up with the Camerata Schweiz and Howard Griffiths on this complete recording of Joseph Haydn’s concertos for keyboard instruments – for harpsichord, for pianoforte, and surprisingly also for organ. Although Haydn’s organ concertos were originally intended for the sacred setting of the Catholic liturgy, during his lifetime and with his approval they circulated exclusively and more widely for »secular instruments,« which means that they are excellently suited for the modern piano. The recording is based on the instrumental assignments and score text in the musicological complete edition of Haydn’s works, and the compositions originally intended for the organ are heard here for the first time following the new edition of 2020.

"Thanks to the perfect artistic harmony between Melodie Zhao and Howard Griffiths, a rousing performance of Haydn's keyboard concertos, neglected in the music business, succeeds: There is music to be discovered here that combines a blend of elegance, freshness, humor, drama, depth, and compositional sophistication typical of Haydn."

( 02 / 2021)

Quellen: CPO

Instrument: Bösendorfer 280VC