Jörg Leichtfried - Winner of the Lower Austrian Cultural Award 2021

Jörg Leichtfried wins the Lower Austrian Culture Prize 2021 in the category music. Awarded since 1960, this prize recognises outstanding achievements in artistic creation in Lower Austria.

Born in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Jörg Leichtfried learned oboe at an early age and later jazz piano. He graduated with honours from the Music and Art Private University Vienna and has travelled widely. He has played at various jazz festivals and jazz clubs such as Carthage Jazz Festival Tunisia, Sax N Art Jazzclub Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, Podgoricko Kulturno Ljeto Montenegro, Binh Minh Jazzclub Hanoi Vietnam, No Black Tie Jazzclub Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Haskovo Jazz Festival Bulgaria, Porgy & Bess Jazz Club Vienna, Albanian Brass Festival Tirana, Teatri Petro Marko Vlora Albania.

Leichtfried received various composition commissions as well as a working scholarship from the province of Lower Austria. Today he teaches jazz piano at the Jam Music Lab Private University Vienna.









Jörg Leichtfried's creativity is evident in his projects as well as in the various ensembles such as "Elektro Jischi", in the "Trio Hubert Bründlmayer / Stefan Pista Bartus" and in the "Quartet Martin Harms / Hubert Bründlmayer / Stefan Pista Bartus". 

The "Duo Fuss / Leichtfried" received great recognition for their debut album. "Music Austria" describes the two: "With Dominik Fuss and Jörg Leichtfried, two absolute exceptional talents of the Austrian jazz and swing scene have joined forces...". 

The "Wiener Zeitung" writes: "Thoughtful notes, open sound spaces, dense atmospheres: The pianist Jörg Leichtfried and the brass player Dominik Fuss shine in the subject of the jazz ballad..."


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On 3 December 2021, the duo Fuss / Leichtfried performs as part of the "5 Million Pesos" concert series.

The concert is in cooperation with the Ö1 jazz editorial team and takes place in the Klangtheater of the ORF Radio Culture House in Vienna.

More Informationen about the concert:



About the Culture Prize of Lower Austria: The Province of Lower Austria has been awarding Culture Prizes for great achievements and initiatives since 1960. Appreciation and recognition prizes are awarded annually in various categories. They show the diversity of artistic creation in Lower Austria, but also how many people are committed to strengthening and preserving our culture even in difficult times.

The prizes and categories: One appreciation prize (endowed with 11,000 euros) and two recognition prizes (endowed with 4,000 euros each) are awarded in each of the following categories: Performing arts, visual arts, adult education - public libraries - local history research - writing works on local history - work for museums, literature, media art - cinema-cultural initiatives, music, folk culture and cultural initiatives as well as, as a special prize in 2021, artistic and cultural confrontations with human dignity.

We warmly congratulate all the winners of the Lower Austrian Culture Prize 2021!

Jörg Leichtfried cover and text photo: Stefan Sappert / photo duo Fuss/Leichtfried: Karin Hackl