Josephine Koh

"Bösendorfer is the reflection of my soul and the pure sound of my emotions! I have been part of the Bösendorfer family for many years and the many years of collaboration have made it grow together with the instrument - always discovering new tonal ideas and developing brilliant technical dimensions. But the focus is always on the singing sound that touches - like the human voice, which has many facets! I am grateful to be part of the Bösendorfer family".

Josephine Koh is a Bösendorfer concert pianist based in Singapore. With various music enterprises, she is the Principal and Director of Josephine Koh Piano Academy, Managing Director of Wells Music Publishers, Music Director of Joyeux Sinfonietta and Artistic Director of Joyeux Music International.

Josephine Koh was awarded 'Most Distinguished Musician' by the IBLA Foundation at the 24th International Music International Music Competition (2015); Laureate Diploma Winner at the International "Bartolomeo Cristofori" 2015 and Laureate Third Prize Winner at the "Gloria and Polyphonica" 2016 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

While her early musical studies in Singapore includes voice, piano, composition and orchestration, professional piano performance studies took place in Italy under Vincenzo Balzani in the 1990s. In the later years, her Russian mentors include Tatyanna Lupikina, Dimitrii Schirin (St Petersburg), and Yuri Didenko (Moscow). Appearing often as a concerto soloist with orchestras in Europe, she received guidance from the legendary Russian masters - Vladimir Ovchinnikov and Dimitry Baskirov.

In the field of Orchestral Conducting, Maestra Josephine Koh was trained in England under Denise Ham and George Hurst in England and under Ovidiu Balan in Romania.

She was Artistic Music Director and Conductor at the Centre for the Arts, National University of Singapore from 2006 to 2018, alongside conducting various orchestras in Europe. In 2019, she founded Joyeux Sinfonietta a chamber orchestra, which premiered in accompanying concerto soloists.