Konstantin Wecker (Germany)

“When I sit at the piano and take flights of fancy, then I’m at peace with myself—that is happiness.”

Konstantin Wecker is among the most famous songwriters in the German-speaking world. In addition to numerous albums, his impressively multifaceted work comprises musicals, books and sheet music publications, as well as unusual collaborations with other musicians such as a concert tour with mezzosoprano Angelika Kirchschlager. He is also a music director in theatre productions as well as a film actor.

“Art helps the most vulnerable and those who do not have a voice.“

Konstantin Wecker has long been a politically active musician who incorporates current socio-political developments into his music as well as into the projects that go beyond song writing. For instance, shortly after the turn of the millennium, he founded the online magazine Hinter den Schlagzeilen (Behind the Headlines), which from time to time represents a digital mouthpiece for his political messages.

Konstantin Wecker views himself as a lyricist who sets his poems to music. “For me, the umbrella term is poetry. To me this is a symbol for all types of art.” In 2010, he was appointed to the Munich Turmschreiber (a group of writers, historians and professors in the southern German-speaking world selected for their common interest in literature).

Everything is united in the Bösendorfer instruments! No other grand piano combines warmth with this power, at the same time breaking new ground and preserving the classic grand piano, that is a strength that makes this instrument so special. Besides, it is beautiful!

Having grown up in an artistic household—his father was an opera singer and his mother introduced him to the world of poetry—he learned to play piano, violin and guitar and also sang in the Rudolf Lamy Children’s Choir. His childhood home, which he has repeatedly described as exceptionally positive, afforded him the freedom to develop and realise his artistic diversity and his political involvement.