New grand piano from the Marquetry Series

Collector’s Item Camellia

For millenia, the camellia's flowers have exuded their delicate fragrance, their splendor of colors and a touch of exoticism. Its heyday in the Palmenhaus at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna is almost over, but its magic is forever captured in our new Collector’s Item Grand Piano Camellia.

Immerse yourself in the sensational, multi-faceted world of the camellia with its timeless symbolism for friendship, harmony and beauty. Its opulent flowers are inlaid on the inside of the lid in the finest shades of red and pink. The elaborate sand shading technique conjures up subtle light effects and creates a unique three-dimensionality of the flowers, leaves and stems. Collector's Item Camellia is limited to 18 grand pianos worldwide.

The Marquetry Series carries on the tradition of inlaid work, which uses different types of wood to create ornaments, floral and animal motifs. It has always been a symbol of extravagance and luxury, evidenced by the majority of historic furniture and pianos decorated with precious marquetry.

Collector's Item Camellia