Grand Piano 170VC

Experience the unique qualities of the VC Technology in size 1.70 metre / 5‘7“

In 1908 Ludwig Bösendorfer himself designed the Bösendorfer 170 for the highly cultured society of Imperial Vienna. The Grand Piano 170VC leads Ludwig Bösendorfer’s inventive spirit into the next generation.

It started in 2011 with a vision followed in 2015 by our new concert grand 280VC Vienna Concert. Based on its great success, we transferred the sound and technology of this concert grand to Grand Piano 214VC with brilliant, deep and passionate sound. The Grand Piano 185VC for the small stage followed - expressive and brilliant in tone. Experience now our newest member of the VC family, Grand Piano 170VC.

Bösendorfer VC - Vienna Concert - Technology: Tradition, Vision, Innovation

Grand Piano 170VC

More than a Century of Artistic Expression