Review Valentina Lisitsa - Tschaikowsky

For the 125th anniversary of Tchaikovsky’s death, Valentina Lisitsa presents the complete works for solo piano by Tchaikovsky. The duets were recorded with her husband and duet partner Alexei Kuznetsoff. Some of the works have just recently been rediscovered and were never recorded before.

"Her love of Russian music has long been proven by Scriabin and Rachmaninov albums. Now Valentina Lisitsa takes off and presents Tchaikovsky's complete piano work, including the completely transcribed "Nutcracker" ballet and the works without opus number, including the fifty Russian folk songs for four hands (with Alexei Kuznetsoff as duo partner)” reviews Christian Lahneck for concerti. "This is an encyclopedic achievement that deserves to be acknowledged. Now, in the case of the Sonata op. 37 or the "Seasons", one may draw comparisons that are denser, more compelling, and more powerful. But Lisitsa has a singing attack and at the same time the capacity for dramatic condensation. Petitessen as well as the early (entertainment) pieces she meets with the necessary seriousness, so that even this music as by no means only superficial moods unfold their charms. "

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10 CDs more than 11 hours of piano music – most likely the most comprehensive survey of Tchaikovsky’s piano music ever recorded by a single pianist.

Throughout, there is an integrity and persistence of approach to the music, a solid impression of an accomplished artist. Some will embrace Lisitsa’s directness as being refreshing, some will want a more spontaneous approach. The instrument chosen is another element needed to be accounted for – a Viennese Bösendorfer, which offers a rather short decay and punchy brilliance on the higher registers.
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