Aleksandra Mikulska (Germany)

Growing up in Warsaw, already as a young girl Aleksandra Mikulska developed her love for Frédéric Chopin which continues to this day and has accompanied her biography throughout her life. “As a child, I tried to write down the notes myself when I watched concerts on television so I could then play the pieces on the piano—at least for myself.” At the 15th International Frédéric Chopin Competition in Warsaw she was distinguished as the best Polish participant. Today, she is President of the Chopin Society in Germany..


Aleksandra Mikulska ist Bösendorfer Artist.

Aleksandra Mikulska concertizes worldwide and plays up to 50 concerts per year. In addition, she works intensively with children and youth. “I want to inspire them, to give them the opportunity to develop themselves. I’d love to pass along what my professors enabled me to do.” Aleksandra Mikulska received piano instruction from the age of five, starting in the class for highly gifted students at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music and later at the Academies of Music in Karlsruhe and Hannover, as well as the Accademia Pianistica Internazionale “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola.

Aleksandra Mikulska is Bösendorfer Artist.

“Bösendorfer pianos give me the possibility of developing a special range of colours and inspire me with an unbelievable ease and sensitivity of the action. They truly allow the artist to soar and react sensitively to the artist’s feelings, like your best friend. This makes possible a timely dialogue between the artist, instrument and audience—authentic and true.