Mary Dawood Catlin (Canada)

"My Bösendorfer piano is my orchestra.  It is the musical sound of my soul and of my heart, from the profound depths of its sepulchral resonance, to its enchanting cathedral bells, to its most divine crystalline vibrations.  It is the sound of love. It is what dreams are made of. - Mary Dawood

Mary Dawood Catlin is a pianist, a published author, and an advocate for human rights and liberties. She has performed in Canada, France, Belgium, Austria, and the United States of America. She has a Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) in piano performance from the University of Ottawa, a Master of Music and Musicology (M.Mus.) from the Sorbonne (Paris), and she is currently a doctoral candidate in Music and Musicology at the Sorbonne specializing in 20th century history and the musical landscape of Paris during the Belle Époque. See her autobiographical article in the Journal of the IAWM: The North Country - The City of Light - An American Dream



Doctorate of Music and Musicology (PhD), Sorbonne (Paris, France) - Ongoing

Master of Music and Musicology (Mention Bien), Sorbonne (Paris, France)

Bachelor of Music (Cum Laude) piano performance, Ottawa University (Canada)

Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada)



Debuts at Carnegie Hall (New York) and the Musikverein (Vienna)

GRAMMY® balloted and award-winning album NOSTALGIA

Invitation and attendance at the GRAMMY Awards® (Los Angeles)

Conception, creation and performance of PIANO POETICS (Paris)

Special guest performances for the Governor General of Canada (Ottawa)

Performances for the Canadian Music Competitions Association (Ottawa)

Performances for Saint-Merry’s Church Concert Series (Paris)

Performances for the American Church in Paris concert series.   

World premiere of “Wind” by French composer Sylvain Guinet (Paris)

Canadian and American radio broadcasts

Becoming a Bösendorfer Artist (Vienna)

Becoming a Voting Member of the Recording Academy (GRAMMY Awards®)



Mary is proud to be a Bösendorfer Artist and a member of this significant Viennese musical tradition and heritage of Austria. She is a proud Voting Member of the Recording Academy (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences / GRAMMY Awards®) and of the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) where she was a featured artist in the Journal of the IAWM.



Laureate of Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition (Vienna)

Laureate of American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music (New York)

Laureate of Young Artists Competition of CBC Radio Canada and CBC Radio 2 (Ottawa)

Participant of Kiwanis Music Festival (Ottawa)

Laureate of Central Canada Exhibition Youth Talent Search



Global Music Awards, Silver medal for outstanding achievement (2018)

Clouzine International Music Awards, Best classical recording (2018)

Solo Piano music awards, Classical album of the year (2017)

Observatoire Musical Français, Travel Grant (2010, 2013)

Lois and Don Harper Music Award, First recipient (2003)

Ottawa University scholarship (1999)



Certificate of Academic Achievement (1999)

French Immersion Certificate (1999)

Ontario Scholar (1999)

Eastern Canada Women’s Rubgy Championships, bronze medalist (1997)

Award for Exceptional Spirit (1997)

Ashbury 7’s Rugby Tournament, champions (1997)

Minto Skating Club Certificate of Achievement (1997)



In 2012 Mary Dawood Catlin created and produced PIANO POETICS, a recital of piano, prose and poetry. Described as a new and innovative approach to the performance of classical music, created and performed in both French and English, Mary unites the arts on stage, bringing the history of music to life by reciting her own prose and poetry about notable composers. She then performs selected works by each composer. Mary was selected as a speaker and performer at the XIIth International Congress on Musical Signification in Belgium where she was invited to perform her piano-prose-poetry recital. She has performed her recital in Belgium, France and Canada.



Writer and poet Michel D. Gauthier dedicated his book of poetry, Tout ce temps, Avec toi, Amour ! to Mary D. Catlin. It includes his poetry inspired by her musical performances and her album NOSTALGIA. He included pictures from the pianist’s photo sessions with Paris photographers Natalia Cristobal Rivé and Alejandro Rumolino.






Mary Dawood Catlin is published in the Jerusalem Post; Miami Herald; Albany Times Union; Florida Times-Union; Sarasota Herald-Tribune; Philosophical Salon; Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music; Conservative Woman (UK); Brownstone Institute; American Institute for Economic Research; and in the peer-reviewed academic volume Making Sense of Music: Studies in Musical Semiotics (Presses universitaires de Louvain). Her research interests and publications cover a range of subject matter, from music and the arts to history, and current sociopolitical issues. Here are the links to her publications:

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Mary Dawood Catlin is an advocate for human rights and liberties. She is a contributing author in various publications that promote freedom of thought, freedom of expression, the principles of the Enlightenment and of classical liberalism, and the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as essential human needs.